Please see below for a list of FAQ's. If these don't help with your enquiry, please Contact Us.

What areas to you cover?
We cover a wide area. Please see our coverage area page for further information.
What brands of appliance do you repair?
To see a list of brands that we repair + service rates please click here.
How much do you charge?
Please click the following link to see our service charges page for further details
Do you do free call out and estimates?
No, we charge for all visits. Please see our service charges section for further details.
Can you do plumbing repairs?
No, we only repair appliances, we do not repair plumbing faults.
Can you do household electrics?
No, we are not electricians. We only repair the appliance itself.
Can you do gas fitting?
No, we are not gas installers. Please see our Links page for Gas Safe,
the new registration body for gas fitters. 
Do you repair boilers?
No, we only repair laundry equipment, cooking equipment and dishwashers.