Please see below for a list of FAQ's. If these don't help with your enquiry, please Contact Us.

What areas to you cover?
We cover a wide area. Please see our coverage area page for further information.
What brands of appliance do you repair?
To see a list of brands that we repair + service rates please click here.
How much do you charge?
Please click the following link to see our service charges page for further details
Do you do free call out and estimates?
No, we charge for all visits. Please see our service charges section for further details.
Can you do plumbing repairs?
No, we only repair appliances, we do not repair plumbing faults.
Can you do household electrics?
No, we are not electricians. We only repair the appliance itself.
Can you do gas fitting?
No, we are not gas installers. Please see our Links page for Gas Safe,
the new registration body for gas fitters. 
Do you repair boilers?
No, we only repair laundry equipment, cooking equipment and dishwashers.

Message from Neil G. Howieson, Service Director Domestic Appliance Helpline

As the coronavirus emergency continues to affect business, especially service businesses, we want to advise all our customers of our current actions to mitigate the effects of Coronavirus on our clients, our staff and our business. At the moment, Domestic Appliance Helpline are still offering service calls to urgent problems such as cooker/ oven/ hob breakdowns and faults on refrigeration appliances. Laundry equipment and other appliance types will be attended to where the property concerned is observing Government Covid-19 health guidelines, such as 2 Metre Social Distancing.

s l1600This communication will help you to understand what we have done during the past 7 days and what we will do in the coming days

  • All of our call handlers are now working from home
  • All remaining team members working in our offices are being prepared to work from home
  • Ancillary team members are now fully trained to accept calls as and when needed
  • The attending service technician will be equipped with:
    - Disposable surgical masks
    - Disposable protective gloves
    - Aerosol/ Spray disinfectant
    - Disinfectant ‘Wet-Wipes’

The technician attending will aim to maintain the 2 Metre Social Distancing as mandated by Government and use the above. This should be quite achievable, providing those present do likewise.

Currently we are managing to answer your telephone enquiries in a timely manner. However, as circumstances change, there may be times when answering your calls will be longer than normal. In short, our core services are currently fully available, including:

  • Service/ repairs
  • Routine servicing & maintenance
  • Sales of new appliances
  • Installations

If you have any enquiries about our services here at Domestic Appliance Helpline, please use our contact form.


Neil G. Howieson

Service Director

Domestic Appliance Helpline (Yorkshire)