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Unpleasant Smells Coming From your Washing Machine?

Unpleasant Smells Coming From your Washing Machine?

Here’s some advice that Should Help Reduce or Eliminate Bad Smells

1. Use the longest, hottest wash cycle that the clothing will allow on each & every occasion. i.e. if the wash load states a maximum temperature of 40°C, then use 40°, not 30°.

2. Where ever available, select the ‘extra rinse’ option.

3. Where available, please select the ‘higher fill level’ option. This uses more water during the wash and rinse process and dilutes the detergent more effectively, and any detergent marks/ stains from the wash load is minimised.

4. Unless otherwise advised by the engineer, never use options such as ‘quick wash’ ‘speed wash’ or ‘economy’ etc as these cut out or reduce the heating of the water during the cycle, thus preventing the detergent from dissolving fully.

5. Cut back on the amount of detergent you use. New appliances use much less water, & therefore need much less detergent.

6. Always use a dosing ball or container if possible. Put the detergent in the ball, & put the ball in the drum with the clothing. Do not use the appliance dispenser if possible. New detergents seem to clog up soap drawers much more readily than in previous years.

7. Always use powder detergents as opposed to liquids, gels, or tablets where possible.

8. If possible, change your detergent to a compact/ concentrated type powder, which will allow you to use much less detergent in each wash whilst maintaining good cleaning results.

9. At least on a monthly basis, run the appliance through on an empty cycle on the longest hottest wash available (usually 90°C) do not use detergent, but use some form of washing machine cleaner and/ or.

10. Frequently remove the soap drawer for cleaning, and check and clean the ‘pockets’ in the door gasket, and also regularly check for any fluff, lint, or foreign objects in the pump filter where present.