Neil Howieson of Domestic Appliance Helpline confirms that after visiting the BORA factory on the German/ Austrian Border in February 2017 to receive training, the company has now been set on as the approved service centre for BORA in the North East of England.

Further Details About BORA:

From master carpenter to kitchen revolutionary Willi Bruckbauer is the heart of BORA: visionary, creative mind and driving force behind the pioneering cooktop extractor systems. With more than 20 years' experience in the kitchen industry, the trained master carpenter knows what is important in a modern kitchen: creating a living space that meets people's needs. Extractor hoods have no role here: they are loud and ineffective, and intrude into the field of vision. Furthermore, they limit design options when planning a new kitchen. Willi Bruckbauer's vision was to create an effective vapour extraction system which at the same time satisfies the highest demands in terms of technology and aesthetics. Constant experimentation and discovery led to the creation of an innovative system which draws off cooking vapour more effectively than was previously possible. The work paid off with prestigious prizes and awards such as the "Deutsche Gründerpreis", "365 Places in the Land of Ideas", the "red dot product design award 2012" and "Plus X Award Product of the Year 2013".


The story so far:

The story so far: BORA is a young company which has rewritten history even in a short time. Its rapid growth began when Willi Bruckbauer developed and patented his first cooktop extractor system, the BORA Professional, in 2006. The next year, he founded BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH with one employee. In 2008, not only was the BORA Professional cooktop extractor launched on the market, it was joined by the BORA Professional Gas Cooktop and a Tepan Stainless Still Grill. At the same time, work started on the development of the induction and Ceran cooktops. Now with two employees, export activities to Benelux, Austria and South Tirol could begin. In 2009, the company received its first award with the “365 Places in the Land of Ideas” prize. The focus switched to Switzerland, with the market there covered for the first time. The BORA team grew to three employees, who then also provided planning support for retail partners.

2010 was the breakthrough year - and another award came in. With six employees, the company moved to new offices, BORA Classic was launched and BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH was awarded the German Start up Prize.

The following year saw dynamic growth for BORA: 15 permanent employees and a constant expansion of the product portfolio.

2012 could be described as the international year in the company’s development. Export activities were reinforced leading to the foundation of national companies in Austria and Australia. As a result, BORA presented itself to an international audience for the first time at the famous Euro-cucina show in Milan. BORA Classic was awarded the dot product design award, the product range was steadily increased and 27 employees had their hands full coping with the constant increase in demand for the innovative BORA cooktop extractors.

It was still full speed ahead in the company’s sixth year of existence: the BORA Basic all-in-one system was launched onto the market and, from a standing start, was awarded the Plus X Award as the product of the year 2013. As every year, the product portfolio was expanded, as are employee numbers, which had now reached 47. This level of growth required geographical change. BORA moved into its own premises, with new headquarters in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, and opened its own training centre for retail partners and installation engineers.

BORA's international expansion was also continuing apace. As well as 29 countries in Europe, BORA was already exporting to Australia and New Zealand by 2012. The first BORA showroom opened in Sydney in 2014. Other markets BORA is currently targeting include the Middle East and South Africa. We are currently promoting the end of the extractor hood with the BORA Professional, Classic and Basic in 34 countries. Since 2012, BORA has been a kit sponsor for professional cycling team Netapp-Endura. The company took over as the main sponsor on 1 January 2015, and the team now competes under the name BORA - ARGON 18 in the most important races, including the Tour de France, the European Classics - known as the 5 Monuments - and many other cycling highlights around the world. For the year 2017, everything is pointing to finally getting promoted into the cycling champions league. Together with new co-sponsor Hansgrohe, everything is in place for competing in the World Tour with the BORA - Hansgrohe team. This specifically supports BORA’s export offensive and promotes global awareness of the brand.

There are some more wheels ensuring increased awareness and publicity for BORA: the BORA Cooking Truck hits the road on 16 wheels. The flexible vehicle has an eye-catching glass cube which is fully fitted with all three BORA product ranges. It supports the cycling team at events by providing healthy food, is used for customer events by retail partners and serves as a seminar vehicle. And the company is quite literally taking off with BORA in the air. The glass cube kitchen is lifted to a height of 30 metres using crane technology. This makes cookery demonstrations even more impressive and memorable thanks to the emotional experience. Some of BORA’s 120 employees are also heading upwards as of the end of 2015. Thanks to the company’s healthy growth, it has taken on new office space on the 7th and 8th floors of a striking tower block with impressive views in Raubling. This should give the 125 employees planned for the end of the year enough space to work effectively. BORA has already won some prestigious awards in 2016. The ICONIC Award, the German Design Award and the German Brand Award confirm the success of the product and company.

Domestic Appliance Helpline specialise in BORA appliance repairs across the North of England including Leeds, West Yorkshire, Harrogate, York, Bradford, Wakefield, Halifax and Huddersfield. We are able to repair and service the following BORA Domestic Appliances:

BORA extractorsBORA gas hobsBORA induction hobs

For BORA Repairs, BORA Service and BORA Sales and Installations, Please contact Domestic Appliance Helpline via our Contact page or via the above Appointment Request page.

Neil Howieson of Domestic Appliance comments:

This innovation, on the face of it, seems to be a simple and highly practical innovation that could have some or all of the benefits claimed by the developers. However, several questions would have to be concisely answered before the idea could even get close to production status. Some of the areas that would require close scrutiny include the following:

Owners of Hotpoint Fridge Freezers please act on this safety notice:

We have been made aware of an incident involving a Hotpoint branded Fridge Freezer, manufactured between March 2006 and July 2007, model numbers FF175BP(white) and FF175BG(graphite).

Here’s some advice that Should Help Reduce or Eliminate Bad Smells

Owners of Siemens tumble dryers please act on this safety notice:

We have identified that an electrical component on a limited number of Siemens branded tumble dryers manufactured in 2002 may overheat and in very rare cases cause a potential fire hazard.

Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda recall faulty tumble dryers.

A corrective campaign to remedy possible safety and quality issues focused on dryers sold under the brand names of Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda between April 2004 and October 2015 has been announced.

An outreach and service campaign is underway to modify two types of products that have already been sold and modifications have been implemented at the point of manufacture to ensure that dryers produced after October 2015 are not affected by this issue.

As most of us know, Carbon Monoxide poisoning from faulty appliances is an extremely serious matter, as incidents can lead to death.

Domestic Appliance Helpline specialise in the repair and servicing of Gas Cookers, Gas Ovens and Gas Hobs. As such, we’d like to bring you regular advice and information regarding this subject. The following physical symptoms are extremely important to identify if you suspect an individual to be suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning:

Please check the below models to see if you have an affected appliance in your property. If you think that you may have one of the below models installed, then please use the below links to contact Beko immediately for further advice.

Neil Howieson, Managing Director of Domestic Appliance Helpline and Samson Maintenance Plans, has recently assisted consumer rights group Which? The group wanted to carry out an in depth investigating into the build quality and repair-ability of modern washing machines. The investigation consisted of the complete dismantling of four very old washing machines, and eight brand new ones. It has long been suspected that modern appliances are built to a much lower standard than much older ones, and that cheaper components are used, many of which are sealed or complete units, wherein individual parts cannot be obtained and fitted.

Please read on for the Which? Final report and Neil’s thoughts and comments.