Burley Appliance Repair and Maintenance

Burley Appliance Repair and Maintenance

Welcome to our Burley Flueless Gas Fire Appointment Request page. Please complete the form below if you would like to arrange a service call for your Burley Flueless appliance.

Domestic Appliance Helpline conduct servicing and repairs to Burley Flueless appliances including Burley Environ, Burley Perception, Burley Esteem, Burley Ambience, Burley Lattitude, Burley Image, Burley Acumen etc. We service Burley Flueless appliances across Leeds and West Yorkshire, including Harrogate, York, Bradford, Wakefield, Halifax and Huddersfield. For further information, please see our Coverage Area Map. We specialise in repairs to Burley Flueless Gas Fire Appliances for members of the public, Schools, Charities, Housing Associations, Property/ Housing Organisations and the Local Authority Sector.

Burley Service Charges

  • Call out charge (including first half hour on premises): £95.00 + VAT
  • Subsequent charges per half hour: £40.00 + VAT

Appointment Request Form

Please complete all details requested below and click on the Send Request button. You are not obliged to accept an appointment by completing this form, but it will allow us to contact you in order to discuss the problem and agree an appropriate course of action. Please complete as much detail as you can, especially with your contact details, appliance information, and fault description. Upon receipt of your communication, we will get in touch to arrange an appointment or discuss the problem at hand.

1. Contact Details

Please add any information to the following box if your property is difficult to find such as Sat Nav postcode, landmark, street names etc. If you live in an apartment, please add your floor number to the address field on this form, and also please include any access information including car parks and security pass codes etc.

Please add as many contact points as possible so that we are able to contact you a easily as possible. For example, phone numbers might include home, mobile and work number etc.

2. Job Details

Please add any details of your Extended Warranty or Cover Plan details including any plan numbers and the name of the Warranty Company

3. Confirm and Send

*NB: The initial call out fees are only charged once. If we have to order parts and call back at a later date, the call out fee is NOT charged again.

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Burley introduced fixed flueless gas fires to Britain in 1999. Although the concept is relatively new in this country, fixed flueless gas fires have a long established history in Japan (where there are 40 million), the United States (approximately 20 million) and Australia. Fixed flueless gas fires give a combination of convenience, efficiency and safety which flued fires can never equal. We have entered an era of spiralling gas prices, gas shortages and global warming. It is short sighted to continue wasting energy at such a rate when there is an alternative product which is superior to flued fires in so many ways. 

Domestic Appliance Helpline specialise in Burley Flueless appliance repairs in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Harrogate, York, Bradford, Wakefield, Halifax and Huddersfield.  We are able to repair and service the following Burley Flueless Appliances:

  • Burley Environ
  • Burley Perception
  • Burley Esteem
  • Burley Ambience
  • Burley Latitude
  • Burley Image
  • Burley Acumen

For Burley Flueless Appliance Repairs, Burley Flueless Service and Burley Flueless Sales, Please contact Domestic Appliance Helpline via our Contact page or the above Appointment Request page.